Current location: Auckland, New Zealand
Metacursion is remotely developing: Services: Work:
- Lightning Translate
- Aminosplore
- The Original Lightnig Not-Hotdog
- Podlog tracks Salesforce's instances' versions
- Synchronous Custom Metadata Types service for Lightning components
- Tiny service for manipulating CSP settings from Lightning
- Tiny service for manipulating CSP records from Lightning
- gravalax generates promisified lighting stubs from your apex classes
- Httpex is a little framework fork that helps to call HTTP endpoints with couple of auth options
- HttpSin is WIP framework for calling HTTP from Lightning via Apex(utilising Httpex and sfdc-lax)
- Lightning Hacker News - in less than 99 lines of code Demo
- Bi-Directional Google Cloud Pub/Sub with platform events